I definitely recognize myself in the description of my spiritual tarot card: the Chariot. Stillness and action combined, to stimulate and ferry “souls”, after having integrated the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual in me. My life so far is a clear path, starting from the first important decision that led me through a successful career as a driver of a Formula 3 racing car: my first “chariot”!

Educated in a family of scientists, my walk has been a continuous exploration and research in the wonderful human universe. Many steps which developped into a something else, once outlived their meaning for my soul. Thus Life gives me today – it could not be earlier – a different “chariot” to drive, not less grounded then a racing car, yet integrated in its other aspects. “You are a man of service”, a great teacher said to me recently. The “services” I am able to offer are my soul’s manifestation in this life and the teacher is who led me through my most complete step: Deva Work, representing the peak of my inner search lasted over thirty years.

I offer individually tailored paths for emotional help and transformation as well as for personal growth – see particularly Deva Work (click for dedicated site) – and I also keep teaching and training teachers in Qi Gong, Nei Gung, Tai Chi, Meditation and other Internal Arts in Italy and abroad.

Some of my clients: Tuscan 1st class resorts, among them Borgo Finocchieto and Castiglion del Bosco, T-Club Villages of HotelPlan Group, Saturnia Hot Springs, no-profit organization G.O. For Life at Sant’Orsola General Hospital in Bologna.

My qualifications: Deva Work Facilitator certified by Rick Phillips (Deva Foundation, NM, USA), Professional Emotional Counselor and Therapist Trainer, President of the Technical and Scientific Committee of UNO-DBN (National Union of Bio Natural Disciplines Therapists), certified Taoist Practices Instructor. Other details on my Linkedin profile.

Cosimo Zichichi Mendis