It’s time to get out of mind!

We are happy to learn that psychotherapy has discovered Tai Chi and Qi Gong: the text below, for those familiar with well-done Tai Chi and Qi Gong, might also talk about the deeper effects of these practices, which have existed for a few hundred years (Tai Chi), and for some thousands years (Qi Gong). To date, post-Palaeolithic humanity has progressed to the slowness of mind…

“In clinical practice of psychotherapy capacity is a marked focus on awareness and bodily movements, such as helping patients to become aware of their bodies, to teach them to follow their physical sensations and to implement physical actions that promote self-esteem and competence. Patients are first invited to observe the relationship between their physical organization, beliefs and emotions. In the exploration accomplished within the setting they also learn to monitor how their physical sensations, postures and physical movements affect their emotional States and influence the words and content that use and share treatment.”

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