If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. (A. Einstein)
You can set up regular meetings at or an intensive few days path. Actress Shirley MacLaine even wrote a book about it. Deva Work is the evolutionary synthesis of many holistic and psychological methods. I give counseling and Deva sessions in English and French, too. Click here to open the dedicated website.

Too often we think that our choices and opportunities are very limited. It happens because many other therapies and methods focus only on our wouds: thus they prevent us from accessing our higher vibration, that is far beyond the rational level, and it’s the only possibility for a lasting resolution without never ending appointments!

You may start doing it with the unique Deva Counseling: it’s a path that helps you release blocks, addictions and suffering, in some cases even physical issues. It also helps develop your potential, through tools that you will be able to learn in the meetings you choose to program with me.

Deva Work goes more in depth, with a down on Earth scientific approach. The only one that takes you into the experience of the unique part of consciousness that has the power and all the tools to free you from repetitive and unconscious patterns (karma) that are causing emotional and psycho-physical suffering. It has spread in 25 countries among the U.S., Northern Europe and Singapore. I have been certified by its founder Rick Phillips, author of the book Windows to the Soul, and one of the world leaders in the field of emotional healing and personal growth.

Click here for details about a Deva Work session, that can be done with or without a previous counseling.

One feedback: Just like thatI have tried it… after a thousand other paths… and it’s a grandiose immense surprise to find ourselves in the spiritual world with the consciousness of being within the body in the physical world… the past rattle off… the future unwinds… the presents reveals itself… increasingly wider than what thought. (Michela, Manager at Seta Wellness Center, Boario Terme, Italy).

Deva Work can also be done at your home upon arrangement. Click here to open the dedicated website and contact me to set up your complimentary first counseling.

Deva Work session for:

  • Overcoming psycho-physical traumas
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Solving anxiety, phobias and panic attacks
  • Overcoming mourning and abandonment pains
  • Overcoming relational conflicts
  • Fostering natural healing
  • Increasing psycho-physical awareness
  • Developping creativity and potential
  • Bringing clarity into perceptions and visions
  • Freeing from sense of possession
  • Exploring feelings of previous lives
  • Developping the spiritual dimension