Deva Work: the sessions

Deva Work is an inner individual work of close-up sessions, so you can also complete it taking a short trip to Italy.

Each session includes a counseling part and one on the massage table. At the end of the group of session there is an integration counseling session, which helps you to understand how to manifest into real life the transformations experienced on the table. Paths are concentrated in time, therefore can be completed even if you reside far away, with short stays (most of my clients come from far away).
Please contact me to set up your free orientation talk, by phone or skype.

You can choose various kinds of paths, depending on the issues/themes you want to solve/achieve. In the first free talk I will confirm the suitability of your chosen path among the following ones:
1. Deva Work general path. Pre-set sequence of sessions.
Particularly suitable for: development of your not yet known potentialities and the joy in your life. A total of 9 sessions on
Emotional Body – Divine Child – Inner Child – Higher Self – Parents (4 sessions) – Spiritual Essence.
Each session lasts 2-2.5 hours. Session 10 can be added for the theme of past lives if they have not already appeared in the previous sessions.

€ 1100** for all 9 sessions, 1 integration counseling session and 2 follow-up talks. The whole path is about 23 hours dedicated exclusively to you.
2. Deva Work classic path. Sessons fully tailored on you.
Particularly suitable for: p
hobias, fears, panic attacks, sudden breaks of various kinds, chronic lack of serenity and joy, addictions, sense of being possessed, generic dissatisfaction and loneliness, personal positive evolution.
On average, 4 sessions are enough to complete a cycle of important transformations. Each session lasts 2.5-3 hours and is tailored on you, you can decide any theme under my guidance, and often two or more of the above mentioned themes merge and complete in a single session.

€ 640** for all 4 sessions, 1 integration counseling session and 2 follow-up talks. Approx. 13 hours exclusively dedicated to you.
3. Deva Work specific path. A series of sessions focused on a specific issue/theme at a time.
Particularly suitable for: situations involving somebody you have or have been in relationship (couple and work relationships, heartbreaks, mourning
), past lives and other unusual perceptions.
On average, 2-3 sessions are enough to clarify and transform an issue/theme. Each session lasts 2.5-3 hours.

€ 340-480** for all 2-3 sessions, 1 integration counseling session and 1 follow-up talk.
7 to 10 hours exclusively dedicated to your most urgent issue among the above mentioned ones.

(**Fees about 20% lower than Deva Work standard fees around the world. Due to the particular situation, they will be applied in Italy from 1/05/2017 for a limited time only. Though, whoever can bear the full cost may choose to do so and the difference will be set aside to help cases of documented need. Also, for very low incomes, I am available for extra reductions on a case by case scenario.)

These are the paths I suggest for your maximum benefit (variations can be considered on a case by case scenario). Over time, the dialogue with your Higher Self becomes more and more natural and the synchronicities of your life will become clearer even without my help as facilitator. If you need, you can always have further deepenings with a few annual sessions or sessions at regular intervals (depending on the case from € 100 to € 180 ea., integration counseling session always included). However, due to the experience of your Higher Self that characterizes this method, your commitment will always considerably less frequent than with other kinds of awareness paths.

If you prefer to start with Deva Counseling, these special consulations can also take place by Skype or phone, from 45 to 90 minutes (€ 50 to 80).

My studio is in Italy, in Castel San Pietro Terme (a medieval Spa center close to Bologna) and with appropriate programming I also hold sessions in FlorenceBrescia, Milan and Turin areas. In special cases at your home with travel expenses refund.

Contact me to begin your Deva experience, I hold sessions in English, Italian or French at your choice.

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