Deva Work: the sessions

Deva Work is an inner individual work of close-up sessions, so you can also complete it taking a short trip to Italy.

Each session includes a counseling part and a bed/table part,for a total of 2-3 hours. At the end of the group of session there is always an integration counseling session, which helps you to understand how to manifest into real life the transformations experienced on the table. Paths are concentrated in time, therefore can be completed even if you reside far away, with short stays (most of my clients come from far away).
Please contact me to set up your free orientation talk, by phone or skype.

You can choose among various kinds of paths, depending on the issues/themes you want to transform: in the first free talk I will guide you to choose the most appropriate for you.
Please click here for all details about Deva Work.

Over time, the dialogue with your Higher Self becomes more and more natural and the synchronicities of your life will become clearer even without my help as facilitator. If you need, you can always have further deepenings with a few annual sessions or sessions at regular intervals. However, due to the experience of your Higher Self that characterizes this method, your commitment will always be considerably less frequent than in other kinds of awareness paths.

More: if you prefer to start with Counseling talks inspired by the same method, these special consulations can also take place by Skype or phone.
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My studio is in Italy, in Castel San Pietro Terme (a medieval Spa center close to Bologna) and with appropriate programming I also hold sessions in FlorenceBrescia and Milan areas. In special cases at your home with travel expenses refund.

Contact me to begin your Deva experience, I hold sessions in English, Italian or French at your choice.

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