Pilot Course at Bologna General Hospital

From January 4, 2016: starting over the path for those who suffer or have suffered from oncological diseases.
“The soul has a purpose, so what does the soul want to experience?” (Rick Phillips)

This pilot course is for people who suffer or have suffered from oncological diseases. The goal is to offer help in the management of the emotional states of these situations, among the largest challenges that an individual can face. A holistic approach helps considerably the psycho-physical-energetic balance of the person.

The course consists of meditations adapted from individual Deva Work sessions and a Qi Gong practice used in China also in oncology field. It was made possible thanks to the goodwill and cooperation of the non-profit organization G.O for Life of Bologna which you can contact for enrollment: (+39) 338.777.2122 1-2.30pm Italian time, or email to info@goforlife.it.

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