Does positive thinking work? (Law of Attraction)

The Law of Attraction has been a very well studied marketing operation (the book “The Secret” is one example).
Though it doesn’t consider a detail that is fundamental for our real ability to manifest. Here I share my opinion, reached after having intensely worked on me and saw many others letting eventually go the attachments of their emotional bodies. Before I explain the terms, though.

1. Emotional Body: the part of the astral body that contains the karmic imprints. At this level of our being the memories of life after life remain impressed. The Ego, identifying with the emotions, is its voice.

2. Emotional attachment: the part of our energy that attaches to the emotional body after a life event or an upsetting experience, even of a previous life.

Coming to the point, if important emotional attachments and unconscious cultural conditionings still exist between my projecting to the Universe and my manifesting for real, it will not work to have the strongest intention, although when deeply altruistic. If your emotional body is still sticked to a memory of when you were an executioner, or when you were a poor guy, or when you had been abandoned, or in any case to a conditioning memory still in your unconscious and contrary to what you want to manifest, you don’t have many possibilities. The results will be little or none, or at your best very erratic. And not seeing real results, yet desiring strongly to come out of a sense of inability to help yourself and the others, trying desperately to see a success manifested, your good heart, generous by nature, will be an easy prey for your ego. At the first red herring you will say to yourself and to the others: “how wonderful, I finally manifested”, losing youself totally out of reality … and maybe you have to wait another twenty years before you can succeed again!

I have seen many examples of this and it is precisely for this reason that what is written in “The Secret” and described in the so said Law of Attraction works very little. Since the not unawakened emotional body is muddy, sticky like flypaper, the Law of Attraction really works only with those who have already gained considerable and conscious independence and freedom from their emotional bodies, namely with the minority of people. The rest of the so-called manifestations are ego trips that can be defined as mental by-pass and spiritual by-pass, depending if the ego is using more rational thought process or spiritual concepts, such as the illusion that to manifest is enough a simple true intention. This is true only if the intention is pure, that means clean of unconscious attachments and conditionings opposed to it.

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