I chose the shortest Tai Chi form in the world thinking about the lack of time of today’s man. It belongs to the Wu style (one of the three historical styles of Tai Chi)and was developed by B.K. Frantzis under the guidance of the Sage Liu Hung Chieh, one of the top students of Wu Jien Chuan, founder of the style. Its 16 movements can be performed in just six minutes, though achieving most of the spiritual and physical benefits of Tai Chi, at least equivalent to those that can be achieved through advanced Yoga. Being also a martial art as all Tai Chi styles, it’s not among the easiest practices I teach. Therefore I advice beginners to get a first bite of Water Method Qi Gong, which contains most of the Tai Chi benefits for healt though it’s much simpler.

Useful for:

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • Qi energy rebalancing
  • resolution of problems and injuries to joints and vertebrae
  • development of inner softness combined with great power
  • development of Aware Presence at all times