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    On Deva: “Deva sessions for an old mourning, which had not been completed, were very effective. After so many years from that event, very few sessions have allowed me in a very short time to turn suffering into pure spiritual emotion. I did not forget, that was not the goal, but I was able to let go of the tragic part of that event to keep in mind the beautiful part of the experience I lived with the person who is no longer physically with me now. That intense love is no longer obscured by the shadow of a gloomy suffering taking the breath away, it is now pure and luminous love. Thank you so much, Cosimo!
    Catia, Bologna (Italy)

    On Deva: “Ciao Cosimo, I’m living a beautiful moment in my life. My wife and I found ourselves. And they are wonderful sensations. Thanks to you first and thanks to my wife a new era of my life has begun.
    Vittorio, Castel S. Pietro Terme (Italy)

    On Deva: “Just like thatI have tried it… after a thousand other paths… and it’s a grandiose immense surprise to find ourselves in the spiritual world with the consciousness of being within the body in the physical world… the past rattle off… the future unwinds… the presents reveals itself… increasingly wider than what thought.”
    Michela, Manager at Seta Welness Center, Boario Terme (Italy)

    On Deva: “I was impressed by the precision, the sharpness of the truth coming forth with such simplicity, a knife dropped down to chop off the head of the fictions of our mind. How much we try and pull the wool over our own eyes?
    Francesca, Milano (Italy)

    On Deva: “Having already experienced several works for personal and spiritual growth, I can say that Deva Work took me even deeper. It led me to discover conflicts remained hidden, while giving me the tools to observe daily my transformation and become aware of it day by day.”
    Daniela, Brescia (Italy)

    On Deva: “I quit smoking and I have no intention to start again. I also managed not to hurt myself with food, and I did what I had never managed to do at training and at school. I have a strong desire to talk about it to help someone else feel good, it was just what I needed.
    Michela, Bergamo (Italy)

    On Deva: “It allowed me to make peace of resentment and anger feelings towards my mother despite I had lost her in May 2014. Afterwards I felt freer and more peaceful in everyday relations with other people.
    Roberto, Bologna (Italy)

    On Deva: “All this belongs to me, to know it gives me strength, to be it gives me knowledge.”
    Angela, Bologna (Italy)

    On Deva: “So here we are, after two weeks since the end of the four sessions that have undoubtedly turned on the lights in my person, all this has taken forms, lights and colors, especially the sense of wholeness and fullness I also reiterated in the integration session.”
    Marco, Bologna (Italy)

    On Deva: “My horizon shines more than the gold reflection of these hills sown with wheat! Thank you.”
    Laura, Siena (Italy)

    On Deva: “The relationship with my parents has improved, I feel more connected with myself. The issues I told you about have been solved.
    Daniele, La Spezia (Italy)

    On Deva: “Another very dense thing that continues to work is the dialogue with the inner/divine child I use to enter suggestions in the body/consciousness and thus change regressive thoughts that sap my evolution and path.”
    Marco, Bologna (Italy)

    “Maurizio and I have greatly appreciated the last night class . Every time I get the confirmation I am walking a path that has a heart, as Castaneda said. It is not to make compliments! Thank you and good weekend.”
    Rosalba (become instructor in 2007), Bergamo (Italy

    “The workshop was really good and gave me an understanding of relaxation which I haven’t had before.”
    Tim, Brighton (UK)

    “What I learned with you was and is precious: the spinal puncture was less painful, the doctor found me collaborative and relaxations help me to manage the forced bed.”
    Stefano, Bologna (Italy)

    Good morning to all, a commendation for our teacher Cosimo’s postural inputs of last night. I was the hunchback of Notre Dame at the entrance and this morning I am Roberto Bolle (well almost).”
    Marco, Bologna (Italy)

    “Water Method Qi Gong hit again. What looked like sickness has become a release (kidney stone).”
    Glauco, Milan (Italy)

    “This week I started to feel fit and rediscover a bit of persistence to revise the Tai Chi you taught me. I wanted to write you to thank you for the intense week you devoted to me and the generosity with which you explained everything in detail. It is not obvious to find serious and available people as you… as far as my personal experience, I noticed that there is often a lot of ’jealousy’ for knowledge: most of teachers (of any discipline, from music, sports, to University!) tends to ’hide’ or sip their knowledge, as if sharing could somehow deplete or weaken them. The lessons gave me a lot of satisfaction and I really enjoyed the accuracy and attention with which you have handle them.”
    Chiara, Imola (Italy)

    “Hello Cosimo! I want to share with you something I have not told you during the last class…. towards the end of the standing time I felt the physical sensation of something very strong very very heavy that detached from the area of the heart chakra and traveled throughout my body down under my feet… it arrived on the ground and inside I heard the sound of the thud onto the ground and physically I felt as if the ground beneath my feet trembled and bounced twice due to the arrival of the huge boulder… eh… two weeks before, in the Brofman’s course, I had just worked on letting go of the heaviness that I felt on the area of ​​the heart chakra and I already felt much better .. but after the last lesson with you and that physical feeling my relational life has really changed for the better! Away forever old habits and constrictive heavy patterns and free access to the love of the universe… I feel loved and guided! thank you :-) A hug!”
    Marica, Bologna (Italy)

    “The work you have done with me is priceless. I keep doing meditation, and the position, still a bit uncomfortable, is giving its results. The Qi Gong (Chi Gung) and Nei Gung private lessons I have taken with you opened up unknown worlds.”
    Fabrizio, Rome (Italy)

    “Last August I was hit by a bad sciatica, strong enough to need a week of shots to get me back on my feet. Since the early days, in which I was confined to bed, I practiced the “Dissolving” in inflamed areas: it has been a big help to alleviate the pain and certainly has accelerated my recovery. Now, more than a month later, I still have some pain. I had reckoned it because, according to the doctors, healing time from these ailments is long, but I think that without the practice of Dissolving my progress would have been far slower. Since a few days I also started to do the spine stretch again, which is a true blessing for my back and the feeling of well-being that results is gradually spreading from the back to the sciatic nerve, helping in healing. Thank you for your teachings, dear Cosimo, and a hug.”
    Alessandro, Bologna (Italy)

    “Looking again at your site and recommending it to a friend who has high blood pressure … I called you homeopathic ….. in the sense that what you transmit is very concentrated and one might think not to understand it or get results, and instead enters the mind and the muscle fibers…”
    Arianna, Bologna (Italy)

    “Thanks again for everything, it was a nice experience. I am working on it and it’s amazing how much work and many shades there are behind so few and seemingly simple movements!”
    Paolo, Milan (Italy)

    “Wishes to you, wonderful point of light for our world…. a big hug and a bau from Maya.”
    Marinella, Milan (Italy)

    “Dear Cosimo, in remembrance of the wonderful week spent in Montecerconi I wish you a wonderful Christmas.”
    Antonio, Salerno (Italy)

    “And thank you for the practices that have accompanied me this year – by now they have become a fundamental part of my life. A hug.”
    Rachel, Siena (Italy)

    “As you can imagine I have not done half exercise nor I will make it at least until I get back to Milan. But I’m relaxed more than ever and I feel ready and willing to fall in love again :-) wow! Not bad true?”
    Ines, Milan (Italy)

    “Your Open the Energy Gates Qi Gong was a wonderful course. So beautiful how we went deep into feeling the body! I feel nourished by sweet and quiet energy, flowing. The spine stretch is fantastic, is melting blocks and discomforts in my back. Even my Yoga practice has improved, especially in the pelvis, I feel my hips loose and aligned…. how wonderful! I fell great! Thank you master.”
    Ilaria, Foligno (Italy)

    “Since a while I teach a disabled boy (spastic). A few days ago we met and he told me that his osteopath has noticed that his diaphragm – which has been ’locked’ for 25 years or maybe even more – was loose and began to open up. He was very happy, even if there are no verifiable evidence, he attributed this change to the energy work done. We talked about the implications that this entails for him: greater tissue oxygenation, more space for the abdominal organs, which in fact the osteopath said they must settle, improved massage of the abdominal organs. Besides having probably obtained measurable results, Water Method Qi Gong has become for this individual a tool to actively take care of himself. He thanks me and I can not help but thanking you.”
    Alessio (become instructor in 2006), Firenze (Italy)

    “To be honest the weeklong retreat was tremendously useful (and fun too). I have filled in some gaps that I had built in myself, now I’m working on them. My congratulations for the impressive knowledge of the matter, my instinct guided me well.”
    Gianluca, Pisa (Italy)

    “Dear Cosimo, first of all many thanks for the wonderful days, they were useful for the mind as well as for the body. After having been practicing every day since two months, I notice that my energy and concentration capacity have increased a lot at work, in daily life and in my music exercises. I make less mistakes and get distracted less easily.”
    Papia, Milan (Italy)

    “I thank you because I believe that Tai Chi – ’your’ Tai Chi, with its sense of humor and balanced lightness – has helped me quite a bit throughout this year’s tensions and difficulties.”
    Vittorio, Bologna (Italy)

    “I look at your site every couple of weeks to see if there are any updates. I’m glad you’re still teaching. I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with me in San Francisco. It changed my life for the better forever. I just finished the first 4 years of Chinese medicine, Qi Gong (Chi Gung) is required and I learned several new forms. But I continue to practice Dragon Qi Gong and the Dissolving at least once a week.”
    John, San Francisco, CA (USA)

    “And then I would like to thank you for your patient and profound teaching during the seminar. I really liked the week in Tuscany and when I was on the train was bringing me back to France I had a feeling forgotten since long time: that I had learned something with my body, something that I can now develop through practice, but I could not find out all by yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
    Erwan, France