When we feel like orphans…

I have being seeking for awareness for over 35 years, in me and in the others. This fascinating walk led me to experience so many amazing tools, the latest being a particular type of sessions which I speak of in another part. Here my thoughts on what I call the orphan syndrome, which I contacted and observed it transforming in me.

From this recent transformation I would say that, in one way or another, more or less, knowing or not knowing, we all suffer from the above mentioned syndrome. It doesn’t matter if in this life we are real orphans or not. In the end, a part of us, for a long time if not for life, tends to feel orphaned (and this stimulates the victim in ourselves, but this is another subject …).

Orphan, somehow alone, abandoned maybe just a little… it’s enough to hear those little words resonate on some level, even if barely noticeable.

Where is it coming from? If we are truly orphans our rational mind has a real fact in order to remain in that condition. What if we’re not, though? Yet that sense peeping up every now and then is there … Who has a strong faith, may feels it less … but is he or she completely free?

What experience, in the sense of a sensory certainty more real than the body in which we live, can free us from the hidden or real orphan in us? I experienced it in recent time, a contact that has arrived, that once arrived gets back … I also read about it, in a book written by a doctor who has had a long experience of coma. I found myself there, in his book, without being in a coma.

Those of you who have experienced the contact will surely have already understood. Those of you who believe in the contact, may now feel it closer… I’m talking about the sense of belonging in which I believe all animals live, without having a rational mind. A deep sense of total contact, more, a merging, more, to be one with the One. In the experience not filtered by the rational mind, the One is not somebody or something who “stay there”, perhaps to judge us, with a defined form. He changes, mutates, different every time, every time equally intense, whenever himself, myself, and all the others together without any separation. Because the contact is nothing but that intangible yet incredibly tangible Source (with just one of the many approximate words I can use), from which we all come, we all have experienced in some remote or nearby era, one and indivisible, omniscient, as omniscient is every single human consciousness expanded at his best.

A great teacher says: “A belief may be comforting. Only through your own experience, however, does it become liberating.” Where I find myself today leads me to say that those who has had somehow deep clear conscious experience of that Source may be really free of any residual orphan. Whether they are real orphan or not, it will not make any difference: because none of us is really orphan. All of a sudden it may appear simple, when we just look in the depths of our Essence without emotional-egoic-rational veils: the same the small child still feels alive in him, before developing the sense of self, mind, reason, and partly also the speech.

I think our job as adults is to go back to that contact, evolved and primordial at the same time, over the great but somehow limiting gift of the thinking mind. From there, every perspective changes, inevitably for the better, without the need to study or understand!

After the contact, which is not with the aliens of “Close Encounters” but somehow might feel like, a new push arises: a desire to materialize, bringing it down on Earth in everyday reality, both in our own and in that of others. I have a feeling that this desire arises in every person interested in this walk.

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