Would You Like Healing Your Karma? (Workshop)

10/27-28 workshop in Porretta Terme (Bologna, Italy): on the path to profound awareness. A group work inspired by the inner individual Deva Work method to dissolve the invisible patterns that block your realization.

All the methods and therapies that only consider our wounds are extremely limiting because they prevent us from accessing our healthier vibration, which we call our Divine Child Within, the only possibility for a lasting resolution. It’s well explained in the book “Windows To the Soul” by Rick Phillips, founder of Deva Work method: When the therapist views the inner child as a creation of the emotional body that mirrors the negative memories and feelings of childhood, this point of viewlimits the client. It is a limitaion because the therapist continues to work on the level of the emotional body instead of accessing the higher vibration of the Divine Child Within to release the source of our emotional attachments.

For details please see the Event Italian Page or email us if don’t speak Italian and would like to participate.

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