Comfort zone: yes or not?

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What is the comfort zone? That egoic part, which we talked about in the previous article, that for fear of changing / evolving decides for immobility. A false “safe zone” based on habits, learned beliefs and past experiences. An area that kills the soul’s growth thrust and that can never really bring constant benefits over time in our life.

Today more than ever we can observe the emergence of new and growing problems both globally and individually, everywhere in the world and in most people. But if instead of focusing on the problem thus feeding its energy, what if we began to look at new routes, new paths, to get out of the patterns, the mental cages (which make us feel so safe), and each of us decided instead to dare, risk the new, the unknown (and keep going on into that direction)?

Actually the “problem” is only a situation that requires our full attention and new openings never tried before to overcome it, says Eckhart Tolle. If instead we rely just on the “safe” solutions, we will not bring any stable change: “If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always had,” says W.G.Bennis.

But why is the situation deteriorating so quickly? In addition to the comfortable behaviors and habits, personal and global, from January 12, 2020, there is also another explanation coming from the stars, that could help us understand: because of the alignment of some planets, astrology states that those who until today have not brought enough awareness into their lives will be forced to change, willingly or unwillingly. We no longer have time, no more the same time than we have been granted until yesterday!

This explanation actually gives a plausible answer to why so many “problems” are happening simultaneously in the world and to so many people. And even those issues that our ego believed to have solved are returning stronger than before! This is the law of the Universe, of karma, which – whether we want it or not – obliges us to come out, sooner or later, into the open. The drive that helps the true purpose of our soul: the inner evolution, the quantum leap of awareness, without which, sooner or later, we will find ourselves once again “hamsters in the infernal wheel”.

Today as never before we have no choice, every sign around us is telling us clearly: it is useless and harmful for ourselves and for all humanity to put our heads once again in the sand, like ostriches . We will have to leave the comfort zone and dedicate a part of our life to inner growth, to awareness. We must dedicate a part of our life to our real life! Those who are already doing it will soon be able to see the first fruits, those who are still procrastinating… will have to do many years in one… and the Caribbean vacation week will certainly not be enough to feel better for a long time…

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