Why Fear is Worse than Virus

(3 minutes reading time to free yourself from fear)

If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution. (A. Einstein)

I decided to quote this great phrase to help understand how the management of a problem can become more dangerous than the problem itself, if dominated by unawareness: many uncoordinated moves, dictated only by fear, that spread other fear, instead of a systematic approach dictated by panic-free intelligence.

As I mentioned in my previous article The Chain of Fear and clearly stated in this video (in Italian), fear, when it is towards something that could happen in the future (and that often does not happen …), becomes a ghost who owns our minds.

As possessed beings, we lose the ability to be in the present momentand enter a downward spiral that makes us as blind men groping in the dark and at the mercy of those who tell us what to do or not to do: they too unaware robots dominated by the same ghost, or conscious delinquents with the sole purpose of making us slaves.

But finally, if for example we are talking about viruses, epidemics, pandemics… death… what is the ghost of fear basically? Only an egoic attachment to the body, in pure illusion, equally egoic, that life is only the body.

Where instead, if we had opened our consciousness, as described in the previous article Altered States of Consciousness, we would be aware of all our beings’ parts, and we could live in the present moment, in an infinitely healthier balance, and face the challenges of Life with real effectiveness and freedom of choice.

Unfortunately in the recent “coronavirus pandemic”, so defined by the international organization that should give useful indications (should…), we have seen and are still seeing the results of collective unawareness worldwide, from the rulers to the leaders, to the majority of the population.

Without going into hypothetical attempts to make the whole world population a kind of stupid robots (hypothesis currently without real evidence), we unfortunately see governments that close borders without an understandable criteria (example: U.K. which forces to quarantine those arriving from the Canaries, where Covid is practically zero), others who open with equal stupidity to positive Covid ships, poor people of all ages masked alone in the midst of nature or driving their own vehicle, who self-intoxicate with their own CO2. All of them dominated by that ghost mentioned above. And then there are those who – by equally unbalanced reaction to all this and with as much lack of intelligent criteria, call for movidas among Covid positives ones…

All this by forgetting, or not wanting to see, or keeping in silence (to spread fear?), the data of the past years: over 600 thousand flu deaths in 2018, about the same number of deaths for Covid today. Voluntarily or unknowingly silencing that the “tremendous virus” has been found in the waters of Barcelona since the beginning of 2019, that in many countries a torrid hot summer causes more deaths among the elderly than those for Covid…

Meanwhile, there are increases in victims for other diseases due to the shutdown of many health facilities: more certain deaths – like the poor people for whom two months of delayed anticancer therapies has equated to a death sentence – to avoid infections that are not said would have caused victims. Still the ghost dominates, much more dangerous than the “terrible coronavirus”.

At this point, some of you may wonder why a person who defines himself as “spiritual” dedicates a part of his life to very actual themes. Well, true spirituality, as long as we are in a body, cannot ignore dealing with actual issues and actions such as this article. All the rest of the so-called “spirituality” is only a getting away typical of the low level New Age, which induces unhealthy “spiritual by-passes”, also described in the glossary of my book Where Time Doesn’t Exist (click for its Italian preview). Meditating to escape from reality only serves to enter into a golden and temporary illusion.

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Wonderful exactly what I think but Where and when is all this tyranny going to end?. Those of us who oppose the mainstream narrative are considered crazy

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