The Chain of Fear

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In order to become sick you have to first come into contact with a sick person or something that they touched. In order to get scared, all you have to do is come into contact with a rumor, or the television, or the Internet. (Q. from the movie “Contagion”)

Starting from the journalistic principle that good news is not news, it’s obvious that everything that comes from the media tends to foster our fears. At this particular moment for all humanity this is particularly true. Because in these days the whole of humanity is continually confronted with the fear of death that could come with a virus with devious and unpredictable behavior.

But in the end what is the fear of death – the mother of all fears according to some great spiritual teachers – if not the fear of the death of the body? So what could we change to no longer be slaves to the chain of fear?

Very simple: change “point of view”, inner observation angle, bringing awareness to that phantom fear and at the same time turning our attention to other aspects of our being. To aspects not related to the body. To our energy, to our deeper nature of the body itself, more expanded, let’s call it our spiritual part…

There are good ways to contact our spiritual part. The most effective ones lead us in the experience of that part, which is much more than intellectual or imaginative knowledge. And when the person lets go of the control of the mind (which is very attached to the body) and allow to himself that sensory experience, every fear, including the fear of death, melts like snow in the Sun.

This is because our soul, which has a spiritual nature, is not born or dies like the body. It simply exists, beyond the time marked by the clock. Contacting it and becoming more aware of our spiritual part makes us free and at the same time allow us to behave much more effectively in the face of dangerous situations, because we are not panicked about losing the body (and we no longer run to empty supermarkets).

To cultivate the spirit is to cultivate Life.

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