Healing session with the shaman

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Here is the experience of a participant in one of the shamanic journeying groups we organize. She authorized us to make it public here.

“I am near a fire in the desert. A shaman is dancing around it. I arrive naked in front of him. He invites me to lie by the fire while he continues to dance around me and the fire. He repeats to me: ‘Breathe, breathe’. I feel the scent of burnt herbs, I am shrouded in smoke.

The shaman wears a bear skin and head. He greases me with something fat from head to toe and repeats: ‘Breathe, breathe’. I feel chills of energy running through my body while he is dancing around me. Now she sits on top of me and puts his hands on my heart, and repeats: ‘Breathe, breathe’. His hands go into the flesh, slowly sinking.

His hands reach the heart, I feel that they wrap it in an embrace. There is a circle around the heart, something that keeps it closed. I feel it torn from my chest. Now he holds it in his hands. I feel empty, but not dead. My heart in his hands turns red and then blue.

The shaman dances with my heart in his hands and blows smoke over it while dancing around the fire. Then he sits on top of me again. He puts my heart back in my chest and repeats: ‘Breathe, breathe’.

He continue to dance in circle around me, but now he wears an eagle head with feathers. He raises his hands and calls the clouds. The sky suddenly becomes cloudy and I feel the rain washing my body. He repeats: ‘Breathe, breathe.'”

As we have just read this session was an experience guided by a shaman’s spirit rather than by animal spirits. We believe that the power of this experience is also due to this fact. The shaman’s spirit came spontaneously and it was an emotional and physical healing session that the person needed. We then explored together the various meanings, referring them to personal history.

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I have been following your blog for quite some time and let me tell you that your blog is one of the most informative sites out there!
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