According to the legends millennia ago has existed a Golden Age: humans lived in symbiosis with the Universe, all was happening from a natural state, unconscious. Then language and thought developed and the primitive men began to follow those voices automatically, even when saying them to kill their own kind. Over the millennia the voice of the thinking became increasingly dominant, until making us believe to be our thoughts. Though it is thanks to thought and language that knowledge became transmissible… Today the next evolutionary step is to return to a new Golden Age in full awareness: perceive and recognize in us the connection with the One, to be One. This is the ultimate meaning of Meditation and each meditative technique is just a tool to access true meditation.

Useful for:

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • releasing of physical, emotional and mental blocks
  • clarity of mind
  • development of creativity
  • resolution of conflicts
  • development of self-healing abilities
  • openess to love and abundance

Here below a partial list of meditative tools that I consider valid to loosen the key emotional issues of the personal and collective unconscious, thus allowing you to access that space of “Empty Mind” from which it is possible to perceive the “Connection”:

  • Taoist Water Method Dissolving Meditation
  • Long Life and Breathing Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Love and Compassion Meditation
  • From Difficulty to Liberation Meditation
  • Heart to Heart Meditation
  • White Light Meditation
  • Divine Child Meditation
  • Unlimited Abundance Meditation