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Spiritual Counselling

Here you will find the tools for emotional healing, a professional spiritual counselling & coaching, a blog on a “down on Earth” emotional intelligence, and links to Deva Psychospiritual Method & Professional Training in regression therapy.

Our essence is not limited to this life and this body: I help you free your Karma to make the quantum leap that will allow you to realize the most authentic purposes of your Soul on this Earth and its reunifying with the energy of the Universe.

Some public collaborations: Onlus G.O. For Life for Bologna General Hospital, Resort Borgo Finocchieto and Castiglion Del Bosco, Saturnia Hot Spring, T-Club Villages (HotelPlan Group).

Cosimo Zichichi Mendis Guida Spirituale
Emotional Healing with the psychospiritual and regressive Deva Method
Spiritual Counselling also online

Deva Method is a powerful tool for personal healing, transformation and transcendence. Deva sessions will change your life forever: they take you deep into your personal truth and you leave with a clear vision of the next step to peace and fulfillment.

We offer you a free talk. Afterwards you can chose to set up your personalized psychospiritual counselling path.

Deva Academy Facilitator Training - Formazione Counselor Deva Work
Deva Academy: Facilitator Training

With the support of my wonderful teachers and Deva Method founders, I lead this Professional Spiritual Counselling Training conceived to make you become a facilitator in the new Deva psychospiritual and regressive method.

It means not just taking the opportunity to bring out and make available the full power of your soul and heart to yourself, but also to offer others a new solution to the great difficulties they are experiencing.

Your path will be mainly experiential in a growing knowledge of your inner self and your most authentic resources.

Please note: individually tailored certification paths are possibile anytime upon agreements.

pace interiore inner peace
Some videos broadcasts to foster your awareness

Follow me on Facebook and YouTube channels: you will find emotional and spiritual counselling tools learned in over 30 years of studies in the fields of awareness and psycho-physical and emotional balancing.

You will get tutorials, guided meditations and exercises to help you achieve great relaxation and protect yourself energetically.

Shamanic Journeying - Viaggi sciamanici
Shamanic Journeying

With this practice you will contact and receive important information from your guiding spirit animals.

Journeying time 1 hour, total work with introduction and spiritual counselling interpretation 2&1/2 hours. No preparation required.

Dove il tempo non esiste: amore e karma, vite precedenti e formazione in regressioni - book on karmic love & past lives
Didactic and autobiographical book (in Italian)

An apparently casual encounter leads to a very intense love story, but the protagonist discovers that the encounter contains a secret that comes from far away and has remained engraved in the two souls like a fire mark.

An autobiographical story where I tell how a karmic love has been revealed and transformed.

On my Facebook page you can also find the first part of the African Meditation contained in the book. This meditation has never been released in English up to today.

Pratiche taoiste e Formazione Counselor in Regressioni - Taoist practices & Professional Deva Regression Training
Taoist practices: workshops on request.
Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and other energy practices for psychophysical health.

Upon request, I am available to organize workshops on Taoist Water Method Qi Gong and Meditation, the Taoist tradition that I introduced in Italy 25 years ago and on which I trained several instructors. In addition to Wu style Tai Chi short form and some forms of Hsing-I and Ba Gua.

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