Nei Gung (also written Nei Kung or Nei Gong) means “Inner Ability” and contains essential elements of Taoists Internal Alchemy. All babies are great Nei Gung masters, though unconsciously. Learning it means to become sensorially aware of those physiological mechanisms, in order to develop and manage our full potential.

Qi Gong (or Chi Gung) in most common forms known in the West moves the Chi through the outer movements: the form moves the content. Nei Gung moves the core of our energy and expands it outward, causing physical body to move with no effort, and multiplying the benefits Qi Gong: the content moves the form. It is part of Water Method Qi Gong six practices, though can be taught without having to learn all of them.

Useful for:

  • increasing of beneficial effects in any Qi Gong and Tai Chi form
  • increasing of power in any martial and sport discipline
  • releasing and increasing of energy flows in the body
  • awareness, control, projection and absorption of Qi
  • unification of all body parts in an energetic wholeness