"Our essence is not limited to this life and this body: I chose practices not commonly disclosed for health of body and mind, along with the most authoritative voices in the field of human consciousness, to help the awareness and the realization of our infinite possibilities." Cosimo Mendis

METHOD After many years of experience in the Eastern practices, I created Essence Method® to meet the needs of today’s man.

PRACTICES Water Method Qi Gong and other not commonly disclosed practices, extraordina-rily effective for the health of body and mind.

NEWS & EVENTS News, events, applications, meditative practices, workshops and meetings organized by Cosimo Mendis.


Deva inner work activates your enlightened part, thus helping the release of discomforts, psychophysical issues and ancestral conditioning. Imagine a narrow country road becoming suddenly a six-lane highway: you can get where you couldn’t ever expected. DEVA is effective on the physical, emotional, spiritual level, travels through the space of memories also archetypal and of your past lives, leading you to the recognition of your brightest spark. The Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine was so excited of Deva sessions with my teacher Rick Phillips, that she wrote the book “Dancing in the Light.” As a certified Deva Facilitator, I help spreading this great method for transformation, understanding and realization of the real purpose of our lives. Contact me for information.

  • (About Deva Work) All this belongs to me, to know it gives me strength, to be it gives me knowledge.Angela, Bologna (Italy)

  • (About Deva Work) My horizon shines more than the gold reflection of these hills sown with wheat! Thank youLaura, Siena (Italy)

  • Every time I get the confirmation I am walking a path that has a heart, as Castaneda said. And I am not standing on ceremony!– Rosalba, Bergamo (Italy)

  • I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with me in San Francisco. It changed my life for the better forever.John, San Francisco (USA)

  • Water Method Qi Gong hit again. What looked like sickness has become a release... Glauco, Milan (Italy)