"Our essence is not limited to this life and this body: I chose practices not commonly disclosed for health of body and mind, along with the most authoritative voices in the field of human consciousness, to help the awareness and the realization of our infinite possibilities." Cosimo Mendis

DEVA COUNSELING Individual and couple sessions to help you out of suffering, connect to your joyful inner child, develop your hidden potential. Highly valued by famous people, too.

PRACTICES The rare to find Water Method Qi Gong and many other not commonly disclosed practices, extraordinarily powerful for mental and physical health.

ESSENCE METHOD™ I created this method by summarizing powerful Eastern practices and adapting them to today’s hectic rhythms, to help you keep the best mental and physical balance.


  • On Deva: I wanted to thank you for all the awareness that I start to have. You're giving me something different.Valeria, Bologna (Italy)

  • On Deva: I quit smoking and I have no intention to start again. I also managed not to hurt myself with food, and I did what I had never managed to do at training and at school. I have a strong desire to share it, was just what I needed.Michela, Bergamo (Italy)

  • On Deva: ... I can say that Deva Work took me even deeper. It led me to discover conflicts remained hidden, while giving me the tools to observe my transformation and become aware of it day by day.Daniela, Brescia (Italy)

  • On Deva: All this belongs to me, to know it gives me strength, to be it gives me knowledge.Angela, Bologna (Italy)

  • On Deva: ... the 4 sessions have undoubtedly turned on the lights in my person, all this has taken forms, lights and colors, especially the sense of wholeness and fullness.Marco, Bologna (Italy)

  • On Deva: My horizon shines more than the gold reflection of these hills sown with wheat! Thank you.Laura, Siena (Italy)

  • On Deva: The relationship with my parents has improved, I feel more connected with myself. The issues I told you about have been solved. Daniele, La Spezia (Italy)

  • On Deva: Another thing that continues to work is the dialogue with the inner/divine child that changes regressive thoughts otherwise sapping my evolution and path.Marco, Bologna (Italy)

  • Every time I get the confirmation I am walking a path that has a heart, as Castaneda said. And I am not standing on ceremony!– Rosalba, Bergamo (Italy)

  • The workshop was really good and gave me an understanding of relaxation which I haven’t had before.Tim, Brighton (UK)

  • What I learned with you was and is precious: the spinal puncture was less painful, the doctor found me collaborative and relaxations help me to manage the forced bed.Stefano, Bologna (Italy)

  • Good morning to all, a commendation for our teacher Cosimo's postural inputs of last night. I was the hunchback of Notre Dame at the entrance and this morning I am Roberto Bolle (well... almost).Marco, Bologna (Italy)