"The life of our essence is not limited to this life and in this body, but treating it well means to make our soul living better: I chose practices not commonly disclosed for the health of body and mind, and the most authoritative voices in the field of human consciousness, to help the awareness of our infinite possibilities through group and individual work." Cosimo Mendis

METHOD After many years of experience in the Eastern practices, I created Essence Method® to meet the needs of today’s man.

PRACTICES Water Method Qi Gong and other not commonly disclosed practices, extraordina-rily effective for the health of body and mind.

NEWS & EVENTS News, events, applications, meditative practices, workshops and meetings organized by Cosimo Mendis.


“We are not human beings attempting to be spiritual, we are spiritual beings attempting to be human.” This quote from my teacher Rick Phillips is the best introduction to the sessions that I offer as a Deva Facilitator. Deva in Sanskrit is the Divine, the One who radiates light. The regressive feature of Deva sessions is just one of the many aspects included in this wonderful work. To my experience, Deva is the quickest and most effective way to contact our expanded consciousness, which has the power to dissolve individual and collective patterns and karmic themes at the origin of emotional suffering and psycho-somatic disorders. Thus freeing our full potential, perhaps never known nor expressed in the world. Deva goes beyond the knowledge of the mind: it leads to a direct and intuitive perception of the divine spark within us and of our connection with Mother Earth. The sessions can also be integrated with the Essence Method® I created. Contact me for information.

  • I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with me in San Francisco. It changed my life for the better forever.John, San Francisco (USA)

  • Every time I get the confirmation I am walking a path that has a heart, as Castaneda said. And I am not standing on ceremony!Rosalba, Bergamo (Italy)

  • Thank you for the practices that have accompanied me this year – by now they have become a fundamental part of my life. ...Rachel, Siena (Italy)

  • What I learned with you was and is precious: the spinal puncture was less painful, the doctor found me collaborative and relaxations help me to manage the forced bed.Stefano, Bologna (Italy)

  • Water Method Qi Gong hit again. What looked like sickness has become a release... Glauco, Milan (Italy)