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  • Why Fear is Worse than Virus
    (3 minutes reading time to free yourself from fear) If I had only one hour to save the […]
  • Altered States of Consciousness
    What are they? Are they harmful, or do they help us live better?(2 minutes reading time) Altered states, […]
  • To Share = To Love?
    (2 minutes reading time) Let’s see together when the act of sharing is equivalent to an act of […]
  • The Chain of Fear
    (1 minute reading time) In order to become sick you have to first come into contact with a […]
  • The hamster wheel: in or out of suffering?
    (90 seconds reading time) In the article on the comfort zone we mentioned how not to make a […]
  • Healing session with the shaman
    (1 minute reading time) Here is the experience of a participant in one of the shamanic journeying groups […]
  • Comfort zone: yes or not?
    (90 seconds reading time) What is the comfort zone? That egoic part, which we talked about in the […]
  • The 2 paths
    (1 minute reading time) Each of us has before us two paths full of gifts and obstacles. We […]

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