The 2 paths

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Each of us has before us two paths full of gifts and obstacles. We are responsible for choosing which path to take: the path of the ego / personality or that of the spirit / soul.

In the path of the ego the heart is kept closed and understanding and awareness are blocked because of fear of suffering another time, due to beliefs, limitations (social, cultural, religious). This path doesn’t transform: it destroys (relationships, relationships, personal evolution) and gives a sense of discontent that pushes us to dependence on people and material things.

In the path of spirit / soul, precisely because we have suffered, the time has come to say that’s enough. The doors of the heart are opened wide relying on Life, on the project of our soul, on deeply feeling our true essence. This path transforms us internally and externally, helps to let go of what is no longer needed and gives an inner sense of completeness and freedom.

Today there is no more time to indulge yourself in the comfort zone.

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